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Your data, ON your device.

Sync GoldMine contacts, calendar activities, contact notes and histories, to-dos and opportunities with your mobile devices. The #1 selling PC sync suite for phones, tablets, and Google.




Sync Salesforce CRM, Goldmine, or any other supported database with smartphones, tablets, or any Google/Gmail account. Includes all the features of CompanionLink Express, plus the ability to sync to from multiple databases, sync with up to 5 devices, and advanced sync options.

CompanionLink Professional lets you synchronize with 5 devices using the Profiles feature.


Sync iPhone/Android via Google Sync

How CompanionLInk Works

Sync GoldMine contacts, calendar activities, contact notes and histories with your Google, Gmail, or Google Apps account. CompanionLink installs on the PC and syncs GoldMine data to your Google/Gmail account. Two-way sync is fully supported so you can make changes to data anywhere.  Once your GoldMine data is syncing with Google, you then will setup/configure your device to sync with Google via Google Sync.

pim-gmData We Sync

  • Contacts
    • Syncs all common contact fields, including (but not limited to):
    • Name
    • Addresses
    • Phone numbers
    • Email addresses
    • Birthdays
    • Contact notes and histories sync to the contact notes field in Google
    • Categories (user-selectable field)
    • Additional Contacts
  • Calendar
    • Calendar Activities – appointments, calls, events, next actions, forecast sales
    • Recurring events
    • Contact links to calendar activities
    • Categories (user-selectable field)
    • Complete activities from the phone or Google account
  • To-dos (sync to Google Calendar as untimed events)
    • NOTE: CompanionLink provides the option to sync GoldMine to-dos with Google Tasks or Google Calendar.
    • Priorities
    • Due dates

What You Need

  • CompanionLink Professional on your PC.
  • FrontRange GoldMine.
  • A Google, Gmail, or Google Apps account.

Supported versions of GoldMine

    • GoldMine verions 4.0 – 2017, including GoldMine Personal, Premium, and Corporate editions

Getting Started

  1. Install CompanionLink on your PC and configure it with your Google username and password.
  2. Select which data types you wish to sync – contacts, calendar activities, contact notes and histories.
  3. Once configured, hit “Synchronize” and your data will sync between GoldMine and Google.
  4. Please check out the Google Sync website for instructions on how to sync your hand-held device (iPhone, Android, iPad) with Google.

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